JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s been seven months since a 14-year-old in Jackson was shot and killed at his home and the teenager’s family is still looking for justice.

Cameron Kasprzycki loved ones came together on Sunday and they stood at the corner of Cooper Street and E. Michigan Avenue in Jackson.

His family and friends wanted to remind everyone passing through the area that they are still looking for the person responsible.

Cameron’s sister Makenzie Kasprzycki said, “We will not give up no matter what. We will be out here everyday if it takes that because we are going to get justice for my brother.”

Cameron’s dad and sister said they have already been coming out to this corner for two months.

His sister said, “Being out here and being strong and screaming out to the community for justice for my brother is what he would do if it was the other way around.”

Cameron’s family believes they know who pulled the trigger, but no one has been charged with his murder.

Cameron’s other sister Cristina Kasprzycki said, “They don’t have much evidence to go off of it, is what they say so far. So, we feel like we’re being pushed to the side sometimes so we’re just trying to make it known that we’re here and we’re not going to stop and were raising awareness and we want this solved for our brother.”

It’s been a challenge for the family to grieve and Cameron’s father Philp Kasprzycki said the violence in Jackson has gotten out of hand.”

“Things have to change in order to make a better community,” he said. “We lost my son, her brother and it’s been just awful.”

6 News reached out to Jackson police about Cameron’s case, but we haven’t heard back. We’ll continue to follow this story.