Crisis team seeks to help veterans nationwide


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Every day, an estimated twenty-two American veterans commit suicide.

In an effort to lower this number, one group began a life crisis team.

“They just want to quiet the demons. They just can’t take it anymore. What they don’t see is the kids not having a parent anymore, the moms that don’t have a son or daughter anymore,” said Shawn Tew, the C.O.O. of the Vet to Vet Life Crisis Team.
Shawn Tew is from Holt. He joined the army in 1990. Since then, Shawn’s battled PTSD, depression, and anxiety, which is why he joined Vet To Vet Life Crisis Team, a nationwide group that helps people facing similar issues find peace.

“Anything from the front lines to sexual trauma, that we kind of go one on one, depending on male or female, we have certain team members that are assigned and specialized in those areas,” said Tew.

“All of us that do this in some way have battled something in our personal life and so we can kind of empathize with the veteran as far as where they’re at,” said Kelley Jones, a responder for the Vet To Vet Life Crisis Team.

Jones is a responder based in Arkansas. She says the memories from serving don’t go away once someone is discharged.
“When we joined the military we all, we dedicated our lives to this fight and just because we got out doesn’t mean the fight’s over,” said Jones.

Shawn hopes veterans who are struggling will reach out, as he and others are ready to help.

“It trickles down,” said Tew. “You’re ending your life but you’ll be giving a hell for the next generation, so they don’t get to see you, especially the younger kids, their question is ‘What I’d do wrong?'”

If you or someone you know is a veteran and need help, we’ve posted information under Seen on 6.

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