CYBER SAFETY: Digital Addiction


Using our devices has become second nature. We now have access to more technology than ever before and our use of these devices and the amount of attention we give to our devices is overwhelming.

So I went out to Meridian Mall and spoke to people about how they use technology. I brought along an eight question survey that highlights internet use.

It’s called the Internet Addiction Diagnostic Questionnaire or more commonly known as the IDAQ.

Questions include; do you stay online longer than originally intended, do you feel the need to use the internet with increasing amounts of time in order to achieve satisfaction and do you feel preoccupied with the internet.

If a person answers yes to 5 or more of any 8 of the questions, according to an internet addiction expert, they would be qualified to have tendencies that would align with digital addiction.

Digital addiction is a fairly new phenomenon. It’s often described as a serious problem involving the inability to control use of various kinds of technology-like the internet-smartphones– tablets and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And as our devices have been getting smaller and more efficient, there has been a rising concern of digital addiction from medical professionals.

Doctors, therapists and counselors around the country have been working together to change this and shine a light on digital addiction. But because it’s new and everyone is measuring it differently, there is no real standard diagnosis.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, technology addiction affects between 1.5 and 8.2 percent of the population.

I spoke with an Addiction Therapist who says this problem continues to grow because of its availability.

Watch above and take the IDAQ test here.

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