Cybercrime constantly evolving and we must too, say experts


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)-Neither the FBI or BWL would confirm or deny any further details regarding the incident since it is an ongoing investigation, other than the BWL saying it is still dealing with the problem. So we spent the day looking into the likelihood of this happening again.

Dr. Thomas Holt, a criminal justice professor at Michigan State University, says cyber-hacking is worse since we have the world at our fingertips.

“Now that we have online banking, e-commerce, personal information floating around, people filing their taxes online…”

All of that’s drifting through cyberspace. And as cybercrime continues to change, Holt says we still don’t have a uniform response.

“If you were to call the East Lansing Police Department and say ‘my phone was hacked,’ that’s not necessarily something that they will immediately respond to because it goes outside of their jurisdictional responsibility.”

For Holt, it’s also an issue of keeping all of law enforcement up to speed.

“You’ve got to invest lots of resources, you need to have the appropriate body of personnel to deal with these problems, and you need to make sure they don’t go anywhere.”

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation works to keep such cyber talent in the state, especially with Michigan’s place in an automotive industry that will one day be automatic.

“The cyber security element needs to be part of that and it should happen right here in Michigan,” explains MEDC Chief Business Development Officer Jennifer Nelson.

Michigan State Police Detective Lieutenant Jay Poupard says that the police are constantly working to make sure they’re well versed in the latest threats. He also said as always, strong passwords and vigilance when opening unfamiliar emails are key.

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