Dash cam video shows deadly officer-involved shooting in Jackson


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — We’re getting a closer look at an officer-involved shooting in Jackson that left one officer injured and another man dead.


6 News has obtained newly released patrol car dash camera video of the shooting.


We should warn you, this video may be upsetting.

The afternoon of April 1, Easter Sunday, officers from the Jackson Police Department were called out to a domestic dispute on Chittock Avenue. 


Moments after they arrive, gunfire erupts.


Investigators say Christopher Hall walked out of his house and immediately started shooting at officers.


In less than 30 seconds, 36 shots are fired.


Officials say 21 of those shots came from three police officers as Hall fired off 15.


One of the bullets hit Officer Thomas Tinklepaugh.


“Shots fired, shots fired, officer down. I’m hit in the left leg,” Tinklepaugh said into his radio after getting shot.


Tinklepaugh is shot off camera, but he later crawls into frame and takes cover behind a telephone poll where he continues to return fire.


He’s heard on camera talking to a fellow officer who’s comforting him.


“I’m fine. Just my leg,” Tinklepaugh said.


The injured officer went to the hospital in a sheriff’s office patrol car.


34-year-old Hall was killed by six gunshot wounds in the shoot-out.


And while it’s not seen in the video, witnesses say Hall used his girlfriend’s body as cover from police gunfire.


She was shot once and suffered non-life threatening injuries.


Investigators say Hall was a diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic and was off his medications.  


“Oh my god, he’s dead,” the girlfriend is heard saying on camera.


His girlfriend told investigators that Hall planned to have a shoot-out with police to avoid going to jail again.


Last week, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Jarzynka released his final review of the shooting, clearing all three officers involved of any wrongdoing.


Jarzynka found the actions from police were justified because Hall shot first, refused to drop his weapon after hearing commands from officers, and posed a clear threat to officers, who acted in self-defense.


Officer Tinklepaugh is now recovering from his leg injury and is expected to return to the police force.

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