Day of Giving: Delivering food, happiness across Mid-Michigan


(WLNS) – The Greater Lansing Food Bank delivers food right to the doorstep of local food agencies to get food to the people faster.

He starts by wrapping the gifts, then loading his sleigh, and checking the sit twice before heading out to deliver.

“Very important, there are a lot of people out here who can’t afford to buy their kids anything,” Greater Lansing Food Bank Truck Driver David Murphy said.

He may not be Santa Claus, but Murphy does bring food to those in need across Mid-Michigan.

“All of these shelves will be more than full as you can tell in just a little bit,” St. Lois Church of Christ Volunteer Brad Vibber said.

One of the stops, The Church of Christ in St. Louis, Michigan, helps feed hundreds of families through the pantry.

“A lot of senior citizens, a lot of people that have no job or very limited income,” Vibber said.

When the Food Bank truck pulls up, these agencies know they’ll be overflowing with food to give to the hungry in their community.

“We get it at a much more reasonable cost and so we can purchase more food with money, than we could if we went to the average grocery store,” Ithaca Community Food Pantry Volunteer Mary Peters said.

Which is the Greater Lansing Food Banks goal, that no one goes hungry.

“That every pantry, every shelter, every kitchen, every school that we can work with has food for everybody in need,” Greater Lansing Food Bank Director Joe Wald said.

The food brigs joy to more than just the people who are receiving it.

“It’s one of the biggest blessings in the world to be able to know that you’re making a difference and helping some people,” Vibber said.

It’s a job Murphy says continues to get busier.

“There’s a pretty large need, I mean it keeps going up every year,” Murphy said.

So while St. Nick only makes his deliveries in December, Murphy’s presents below the Christmas tree are given throughout the year.

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