Days away from looming medical marijuana deadline


LANSING, Mich.(WLNS) – Time is running out in the city of Lansing as newly appointed City Attorney Jim Smiertka has only two days left to release a new draft of a controversial medical marijuana ordinance.

The move is critical. In June, Lansing City Council gave Smierkta a hard deadline warning that if they didn’t receive a draft by Friday they would ask the city to close up shops across the city for good.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, everywhere you look they’re popping up across the city of Lansing.

“They’re just all over the place and we need to have controls just like every other city has,” said Elaine Womboldt of Rejuvenating South Lansing.

Xyrish Ancero is a manager of healing tree, a dispensary in south Lansing.

Ancero says he’s all for the ordinance saying no regulation means no business.

“That would hurt me a lot I would have to be out of work for a while I would have to figure out something new. There’s always a plan but I wouldn’t want to go there,” said Ancero.

But Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says the industry right now is in a “gray area” which is why it’s taking so long to create an enforceable ordinance.

“There’s a big gap between what the public passed and what current law allows and then our ordinance. there is all this gray that need to be filled in I think the city attorney is going to take a stab at filling that in,” said Mayor Virg Bernero.

And while the ordinance is still a work in progress city officials agree the move is a step in the right direction to keeping a lid on the budding industry in the capital city.

“We’re not done by any means the key to what you said is draft it is a draft and it’s going to be a continuing process,” said Mayor Bernero.

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