Dead dog dumped on owner’s driveway in Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Shocking video of a veterinarian tossing the body of a dead dog left at his office on to the owner’s driveway and now the family is demanding answers.

Accusations continue to fly back and forth between a veterinarian at “Comprehensive Animal Hospital” on Lansing’s south side and the family of a dog that died after being taken to the facility for treatment.

Before 6 News dives into the background, it’s important to mention that this couple wants to remain anonymous.

“Moose” was the name of their one and a half year old Pitbull. The couple says it was just a few days ago that he lost energy and started vomiting repeatedly and that’s when they took the dog to “Riverfront Animal Hospital.”

Doctors there prescribed “Moose” medication and asked the family to check in the following day.

Unfortunately, the dog wasn’t any better so doctors recommended the family take the dog to “Comprehensive Animal Hospital” or MSU and that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

This disturbing sight is the body of “Moose”…a one and a half year old dog whose life-less body was dumped onto his owner’s driveway after being taken to “Comprehensive Animal Hospital” when he became gravely ill.

“The guy kept standing there like um well it could be this, it could be that and at that point we’re both like we don’t care what it is just fix him you know what I’m saying…we need our dog,” said Moose’s Owner.

The owners claim the veterinarian, Dr. Bola Agbona intended to hook the dog up to IV’s because he was dehydrated.

That’s when they say Dr. Agbona told them to leave and that he’d follow up on Moose’s condition later that day, but the family says they never heard back. They even claim they tried contacting the vet but there was no answer.

It wasn’t until the following day that they came home to this…

“He was in the driveway…in a bag,” Moose’s Owner stated.

The family says they pondered what happened to their dog and it wasn’t until they looked back at their surveillance camera when they saw Dr. Agbona himself tossing the dog onto their driveway.

“It’s completely strange that the first vet he was fine and then he gets there, we leave and all of a sudden he’s gone,” said Moose’s Owner.

6 News spoke to Dr. Agbona off-camera to hear his side of the story.

He claims the family couldn’t afford medical care for the dog and that “Moose” died while the family was standing in the lobby.

He says the family drove off upset, leaving him unsure of what to do with their dog’s body.

Agbona says he tried to call the family but didn’t get an answer, so he hopped in the car, took the dog to the family’s home and left his body on the driveway.

Dr. Agbona says he didn’t have any other options and it was his way of quote “helping the family out” and he feels he handled the situation the best way he could.

6 News reached out to “LARA,” the “Licensing and Regulatory Affairs” to see if there are any complaints filed against Agbona.

LARA officials say that there is currently an open formal complaint against him which means that “LARA” is in the process of drafting an administrative complaint.

When that complaint is filed, it goes to the veterinarian board which then determines a course of action.

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