LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Dean Transportation is among the many companies looking to fill positions and without these roles being filled, parents will continue to have to find other ways to get their kids to school.

Many school bus drivers were left to find other jobs while schools were virtual last year.

But now with school back in person, there’s been a struggle to find bus drivers.

Except at today’s event. Paige Audas, Hiring Coordinator for Dean Transportation says it’s the most applicants she’s seen since 2019.

Even with a lot of people looking for work, that doesn’t mean they’re going to get behind the wheel right away.

“We run their background check, process through the iChat and NVR, if they clear the background check, they come on with me for an interview if everything goes well, we will pass them on for a dot physical and for fingerprinting,” she said.

Dean Transportation provides buses for districts like the Lansing School District. Due to a lack of drivers– some routes have been canceled. Leaving parents and guardians to either drive their kids to school or find another way.

“We are working on it every day to get that fixed, we’re adding drivers every week, we’re having new drivers come in and there are a ton of people applying, we’re getting it worked through the system and hopefully we will be able to get our numbers back up and get kids back on the road,” said Audas.

There is up to a$750 sign on bonus for new drivers. depending on their certifications.