GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) – Deer gone wild.

The owner of Reverman Farms told 6 News that deer have taken one bite too many out of their trees leaving them with little to sell this season.

“Oh, you just. I don’t know. You’re a little disappointed because they been in the ground a while and stuff,” Jim Reverman said.

“They’ve always ate a few but not too many,” he said.

But this year the deer seemed to have a bigger appetite.

“2,000, ate em last winter,” Reverman said.

He said this is a family business.

“We been selling trees for 23 years. Planted our first batch in 1990 or 91 so 30 years or so.”

And since the deer have eaten so many of their Fraser fir trees, the farm is closing its doors this Christmas season and next year as well.

“We have other trees we can plant that they don’t eat. We’ll just throw the flag in on these and then try again with something else.”

Reverman said they are going to miss seeing the hundreds of families that come to their farm looking for that perfect Christmas tree.

“We’ve had some families that have been coming out here for 23 years and then we have kids bringing their kids out here. There are a lot of people you only see once a year and so we’ll miss it. We wanna tell everybody thanks for their concerns. Give us a year or two and we’ll be back in business,” he said.

Mr. Reverman said they will still be selling wreaths next door to Reverman Farms and if you’re looking for a tree, they recommend Wacousta Tree Farm on Clark Road.