Deer hunters get ready for opening day


November 15th might just be another day for some people, but for hunters, it’s a day they look forward to every year. It’s opening day for rifle season and deer hunter’s are getting ready.

One hunter named Russ Decker says he’s been hunting since he was 15 years old and he’ll never forget some of the memories he’s made while hunting.

“Funniest event was when my grandpa, always had them blue tip matches in his pocket, and he went over the fence and we see grandpa over there swatting and swatting and he’s on fire and those blue tips lit up, and I guess that always sticks in my mind, you know, good times like that,” said Decker.

If you’re looking to take younger children out hunting to make some memories, one manager at the Schupbach’s Sporting Goods store says there are some things people need to know about young hunters.

“Nine and under you hunt with a mentor without a safety course. After the age of nine you are required to take a safety course and get a youth hunting license between the ages of nine and sixteen I believe,” said Gun Department Manager R.J. Howell.

Howell also said that the number of people coming to the store has been steadily increasing especially in the last week.

Store workers advise people to stay safe and cautious out in the woods.

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