LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – All THC products derived from cannabis, including Delta-8 THC, will now fall under Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA.)

Delta-8 is artificially derived from cannabis plants. Delta-8 products can induce similar effects to regular cannabis.

Delta-8 is considered a de facto legal version of THC, as it’s not technically not made up of the same chemical structure as THC, allowing Delta-8 products to bypass antidrug laws.

Delta-8 has been previously sold in gas stations, convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops and was available to for all ages.

“Michigan’s approach to cannabis is a model for the nation in regard to protecting its residents and making sure that those who consume these products do so in a safe manner,” said MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo. “Moving forward, these intoxicating products will be removed from the unregulated marketplace and placed in a well-regulated and licensed system, restricted to adults, and monitored for safety.”

The new regulation will take effect on October 11. The regulation makes it illegal for businesses to manufacture, possess, transfer, hold, sell or give away Delta-8 or THC-O-acetate without approval from the MRA.