Delta Township officials promote fire safety one smoke alarm at a time


We’ve all heard that familiar, yet sometimes obnoxious sound.

A smoke alarm ringing loudly from the ceiling, warning of a potential fire or maybe if you’re like Sue Chinault, just some extremely burnt toast.

“I don’t always remember to change them out,” says Delta resident, Sue Chinault who received new smoke alarms.

But sometimes, simply forgetting to test, or switch out the alarm’s batteries, can lead to a much bigger problem…

And is the reason why the Delta Township Fire Department teamed up with the American Red Cross to go door to door and install brand new smoke alarms in Delta Township homes for free.

“We’re finding batteries that are not working, batteries that are dead, we’re finding smoke alarms that are 20, 30 years old, were finding places where there’s not smoke alarms where there needs to be, where people are sleeping, so we’re happy to come in and provide that help,” says Delta Township Fire Inspector, Mike Roberts.

Along with the inspections and installations, residents also learned fire safety tips from the Red Cross.

Those include things like creating an escape plan and making it a priority to check smoke alarms at least once a month.

Roberts says nearly 100 people in Michigan die from a house fire each year, and 2/3rds of those deaths are because of non-working smoke alarms.

Roberts says it’s more than just being prepared, this mission is about saving a life.

It’s an effort that Judy Phillips says will help her be proactive when it comes to fire-preparedness.

“If there’s a fire, I can get out quickly. It’s life-savers, just life-savers,” says Delta Township resident, Judy Phillips.

If you live in Delta Township and think you need a new smoke detector in your home, click here.

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