EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Progress Michigan called out members of Democrats for Life of America on Friday, saying their agenda gets in the way of reproductive rights for women around the country.

“Given the attacks that we’re seeing in Michigan on reproductive rights right now,” Progress Michigan deputy director Sam Inglot says “we just thought it was important to call them out for their rhetoric and hold them accountable for it.”

Dozens of democrats will talk about reproductive rights and other issues in East Lansing at this year’s “Pro Life for the Whole Life” conference. Executive director Kristen Day says their organization doesn’t use the label pro-life to tackle one issue.

“In the pro-life community people think that you only oppose abortion,” Day says. “But being Democrats, we have a broader, broader definition of it.”

Day says most of the pro-life initiatives they support go well beyond a pregnancy.

“Talking about the environment as a pro-life issue, the treatment of refugees and the human dignity of refugees and end-of-life issues. So it’s a really broad spectrum of being pro-life.”

But Inglot says they can’t have it both ways.

“You can’t stand for things like freedom and empowering women and having access to healthcare if you are supporting de-funding organizations that provide sexual health and education services to people,” he says. “You can’t claim to stand by freedom and access to healthcare if you want to interfere with the relationship between doctors and patients.”