LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan officials have a new eye watching visitors to the state Capitol. This one is artificial intelligence.

The new A.I. is called “Zero-Eyes,” and it can detect guns anywhere on the Capitol grounds.

“Michigan has been very open to this technology,” said Sam Alaimo, co-founder of Zero-Eyes. “Very early adopters of gun detection solutions.”

A security camera in the Michigan Capitol building. (WLNS)

Alaimo said the software has been trained to only detect firearms and send an alert to security personnel. The information the program sends includes what type of gun, location and a description of the person in possession of the gun.

“From the moment the gun is seen on camera to the moment a client gets their hands on the alert is about three to five seconds,” Alaimo said.

From there, law enforcement works to determine if there is a potential threat involved with the identification of the gun and the individual.

Video surveillance displayed on a monitor at the entry desk at the Michigan Capitol building. (WLNS)

The system is currently being used at Oxford High School, and multiple other schools in Michigan.

The deployment of this artificial intelligence is another step by the State Capitol Commission in clamping down on weapons in the building. Other actions taken so far include installation of metal detectors and a ban of open and concealed weapon carrying in the building. The earlier measures started in August.

“We know in places where government operates, people have been bringing violence into those areas,” said William Kandler, chair of the Michigan State Capitol Commission, a body appointed to oversee the building and grounds. “And we want to make sure people who here to visit here, work here, legislate here, are safe while in the building.”

Kandler said unlike the metal detectors, the A.I. security won’t be visible to the public.

“Hopefully when people come here and visit, they won’t even notice that we have all of this, and hopefully, they’ll never have to know.”

Alaimo echoed that sentiment.

“You don’t see bulletproof glass. You don’t see barbed wire. We are in the cameras that are already there, but we are watching for that gun.”