LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Tech Tuesday will be looking at some high-tech headlines from across the country.

The League City Police Department in Texas has a new way to solve long-unsolved crime cases.

The new way? A device called the M-Vac, which essentially sucks up hard-to-reach DNA.

League City got their M-Vac back in 2019, and in the time since then, calls from across the United States have come in, asking to use the vacuum that is solving long-unsolved cases.

“This will get people results on evidence they thought years ago wasn’t going to get you results. It’s amazing to me,” said evidence technician Amber Lasala.

Meanwhile, in Washington, a high school student has developed technology that could help save a furry friend.

Eqwis is a sign system that would be able to alert drivers when animals are nearby, to help prevent car and animal-related crashes.

Vedant Srinivas developed a custom camera with optical sensors to detect animals.

“I’ve received a lot of interest from transportation departments in Washington, California and Oregon to launch Eqwis at a larger scale,” said Srinivas.

An algorithm in the system can even indicate if an animal is moving towards or away from the road.

Radio frequencies then trigger flashing lights to warn drivers.

The system is already being used in Reno, Nevada.

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