DETROIT, Mich. (WLNS)—The holidays are right around the corner and WalletHub followed up with its own reports regarding the most charitable states for 2022, and an in-depth look at 2021’s neediest cities.

WalletHub compared over 180 cities across the United States and looked at factors such as poverty rates, food-insecurity rates, and uninsured rates. The data found Detroit, Michigan was among the neediest city in the U.S. ranked at number one.

Neediest Cities
1. Detroit, MI11. Laredo, TX
2. Brownsville, TX12. Shreveport, LA
3. Cleveland, OH13. Miami, FL
4. Fresno, CA14. Memphis, TN
5. Gulfport, MS15. Jackson, MS
6. Los Angeles, CA16. Birmingham, AL
7. Newark, NJ17. Philadelphia, PA
8. Baltimore, MD18. Richmond, VA
9. New Orleans, LA19. Hialeah, FL
10. St. Louis, MO20. Augusta, GA

“One of the main challenges low-income families face today is the lack of affordable housing. Of all expenditures, low-income families typically spend the largest share on housing, and…what they can afford is often substandard and unstable. Many families found that pandemic rental assistance was very difficult to get due to complicated application procedures that sometimes required the cooperation of landlords who were not convinced it was the right move for them to participate at all.”

Joan Maya Mazelis, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Rutgers University-Camden

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