LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s a big day for young readers at Scott Elementary School in DeWitt, as a book vending machine makes its debut.

The school is now offering second and third graders a chance to earn tokens in different ways. With those tokens, kids can buy a new book at the vending machine. The goal is to encourage these kids to read, by offering them a new way to get a book of their choice.

This is the second vending machine they’ve installed within their school district. The first was put inside Herbison Woods Elementary.

“The big thing right now is the graphic novels. A lot of people will know the Magic Treehouse. Those books are new. They come in a graphic novel, which is more of a cartoon. And so, it’s shorter reading but it still makes reading fun with the pandemic. We thought this would make it fun and get the reading available more and a fun way to boost up the reading scores,” said Cindy Brushabeer, a staff member at Scott Elementary.