MID-MICHIGAN (WLNS)– It’s Girl Scout cookie season and the scouts are now facing their second year of roadblocks when it comes to selling cookies during COVID-19.     

But one orthodontist in Mid-Michigan is helping the girls meet their goals and giving back to first responders as well. They purchased 12 boxes from each girl scout in the greater Lansing area.

“We do this every year, this year, we have 564 boxes ordered- so this is more than any year that we’ve purchased,” said Dr. Ed Grubaugh of Grubaugh Orthodontist.

The boxes will be donated across Mid-Michigan to frontline healthcare workers and scouts like Molly Torrence said this help, because selling this year isn’t easy,” It’s harder but we try to do the best we can.”

While the program from Dr. Grubaugh’s office is closed, sales will continue until the month of May, you can still purchase and donate cookies from the main website at any time.