DeWitt unveils state championship rings


DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS) – As the sun set on the football field at DeWitt High School on Wednesday night the Panthers couldn’t have picked a more perfect evening to unveil a ring that signified their perfect season.

“I mean seeing it on the digital model I was like ‘Oh my gosh that’s unbelievable’ but seeing it now it’s even better in person,” said senior running back Andrew Debri.

It’s another reminder of a season that will never be forgotten. A reminder of a season that was filled with adversity every step of the way, but the Panthers found a way to persevere and all of it is cemented on the ring.

Not only are there 20 white diamonds on the front to signify the year 2020 (which is the year they beat River Rouge 40-30 to win the Division 3 state championship) but there are 12 blue gems to represent the Panthers’ 12 wins.

However, it’s just the beginning when it comes to the intricacies of the ring.

“Our team motto this year was ‘Let’s Roll!” so that’s on the side,” said Debri. “Then DeWitt Panthers, and then ‘Finished Business’ because we said coming into the playoffs we had unfinished business and obviously, take off the un, because we finished business.”

There’s also one side of the ring that has Ford Field engraved on it, with the trophy, and the 12-0 record.

“My favorite part’s probably the face of it,” said senior linebacker Blake Beachnau. “The logo with the state champs and the diamonds. I think that just looks the best, in my opinion, and then especially the logo. It resembles it’s ours and it’s the community’s.”

“This will last forever,” added Debri. “I’m really proud of this.”

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