LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Almost every day, viewers have contacted 6 News to share a bad experience they had after buying a car from Dice Auto Sales. Today one woman told 6 News that a car she bought from this dealer almost cost her her life.

“My daughter was afraid to get in my car,” Ali Dean-Ray said.

A vehicle Ali Dean-Ray said she bought from Dice Auto Sales in August of last year.

“At the time, I was still a single mom and working three jobs so I needed a car when mine kinda died,” Dean-Ray said.

Dean-Ray said that she purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey from the dealer, and within a week, the vehicle needed multiple repairs. She said they were repairs she believed Dice Auto Sales would take care of as they had promised. Dice Auto Sales kept her vehicle for six weeks. On the day she went to pick up her vehicle, Dean-Ray said that the unthinkable happened.

“I picked up my daughter. I was going maybe 40 miles an hour down a 55 road and the wheel just went flying. It just came off,” Dean-Ray said.

After that, Dean-Ray said she had her vehicle towed to a mechanic who made a gruesome discovery.

“This hole goes all the way through. There’s another hole that goes all the way through. This vehicle is not even road worthy to be in a parking lot,” a mechanic said.

Dean-Ray decided to share her experience on Facebook and tagged Dice Auto Sales in her post, and to her surprise, they responded.

“They got on my social media and started to blame me for the car,” Dean-Ray said.

So 6 News went back to Dice Auto Sales looking for the owner, Jeff Dice, who had agreed to meet with us a few weeks back but never showed up. When 6 News arrived today, Jeff was nowhere to be found.

An employee took down our information; yet again and said that Jeff would contact us as we’ve been told many times before.

In the meantime, Dean-Ray said that she wants people to think twice before buying a car from Dice Auto Sales.

“I really just don’t want this to happen to anybody else. They probably shouldn’t be in business,” Dean-Ray said.

Dice Auto Sales currently has a case pending against them in federal court. 6 News did reach out to the Attorney General’s office and they want people who have an issue with this dealer to file a complaint.