Did you go out and get a last minute gift today? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


If you consider yourself a procrastinator, and had to run out to grab some last minute Christmas gifts today, you probably realized there are many other shoppers that are in the same boat.

We’re all guilty of it, so everyone has their own reasons to be labeled as that “last minute shopper.” Whether it was a college student coming home, someone who has been traveling or just that someone who feels they work best under pressure, the stores were filled with people shopping for that perfect gift.

“Time just goes by so fast, and you think oh no I still have gifts to get,” said one shopper in Best Buy.

6 News visited the Best Buy in Jackson today, to get a glimpse of just how packed the streets and stores were. Needless to say, it was just as crowded as you could have guessed. 

“Pretty busy, I can’t really park anywhere, you have to walk, and the store lines have been long, been waiting forever,” said one shopper.

If you didn’t have time to get out to the store, there are many convenience and gas stations still open. Many people consider gift cards as a good go to gift. 

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