LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — March is National Nutrition Month, which means there is no better time to make healthy food choices. 

Sarah Smith, dietician at Sparrow Hospital, talks more about the importance of celebrating, which sometimes includes a trip to the grocery store.

“It’s important to fuel our body correctly so that we can prevent diseases from occurring and also that we can help to have an overall healthy body, and strong immune system,” Smith said. 

This month’s theme is “fuel for the future,” and Smith you can help better fuel yourself by aiming for five cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

You should also eat fruit for dessert or as a sweet treat, making sure to buy ground meats that are 93% lean, and eat three grams of fiber or more per serving. Lastly, she said to aim for three servings per day of yogurt, cheese, keifer, or milk.

Smith said that low-fat or fat-free dairy milk is preferred, and also lactose-free and plant-based alternatives are an option. Just make sure that if regular milk was a source of protein, and you change to dairy free, to supplement protein in another food group. 

If going grocery shopping is overwhelming, Smith said there are ways to combat this.

”When you’re going to a grocery store, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking inventory of what you actually need and you’re making a plan, to check your fridge and your pantry so that you won’t over buy,” Smith said. 

Smith also said it’s important to have a plan by making a list and sticking with it, and to have a meal or substantial snack before grocery shopping.