JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Law enforcement in Jackson County is getting some help to crack down on speeders.


They’re designed to keep drivers honest.


And now the Jackson County Department of Transportation has installed their first digital speed signs.


“Any of this new technology that shows some benefit, everyone gets excited about it,” said Mike Rand, who works in traffic safety at JDOT.


There are currently three signs installed along busy roads across the county.


JDOT moves them around to get an idea of how traffic is moving through Jackson.


“There’s a cellular base to these, so I can get on a lap top and see what they’re doing currently, run a report for the past few hours,” Rand said.


Rand says for drivers they’re a big reminder to ease up on the gas.


“We’ve got so much on our plates, and with distracted driving and these types of things, we need that little extra with the sign saying ‘Hey, slow down’,” Rand said.


With real time data coming in, JDOT can let police know what times speeders are flying through certain areas.


“In four consecutive days, I saw somebody driving on County Farm Road in excess in 70 miles an hour at the same time. So instead of just law enforcement looking for the problem, I gave them data that they could use,” Rand said.


The signs have been alerting drivers all over Jackson County the past six weeks, and JDOT says they’re already seeing the benefits.


Rand says it only took a week and a half to see results from a sign on County Farm Road.


“I actually saw the average speed was less than 55 miles an hour, which I was encouraged with,” Rand said.


JDOT says the signs are a big asset to the community, helping both law enforcement and drivers.


“One of the primary responsibilities of the department of transportation is to insure the roads can be navigated safely for everybody. And some of that is just getting people to drive the correct speed limit, and we need to work with law enforcement to get that done,” Rand said.