Dimondale homeowners say someone stole campaign signs, left potentially poisoned meat in their yard


Eaton County, Mich. (WLNS) — A Dimondale couple is speaking out after having several campaign signs stolen from their front lawn.

“It’s frustrating,” Homeowner Joe Gantz said.

In the past two weeks, Gantz said a total of three signs have been taken. Two were in support of Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. At first, he and his wife thought it was a personal attack, but then they learned some of their neighbors also had Biden signs stolen from their properties.

“Their sign was right over there too now it’s just metal posts sticking out. It looks like they got everybody maybe on this side of the street that has Biden signs,” Gantz said.

Gantz said someone went a step further at his home.

“We’ve had a Ziploc baggie full of sausages that said ‘vote Trump’ on it that had, I don’t know, it smelled like kerosene to me like they’re trying to poison our dog or something,” he said.

Gantz said he’s been in contact with a community police officer about the incidents and while he believes whoever is doing this thinks it’s funny, he doesn’t.

Michigan State Police told 6 News they’re seeing more and more incidents like this. Trooper Andrew Adamczyk with the MSP Lansing Post said people should know that stealing signs is a crime.

“Depending on the prosecutor in that county and the victim of the crime it is punishable by– it’s a misdemeanor up to a felony depending on the dollar value of the sign taken,” Tpr. Adamczyk said.

He added that it’s important to respect everyone’s political beliefs, even if you’re are different.

“You wish you could tell people to grow up a little bit and let people safely display what their values are. Everybody has the right to do that and to be free of fear of people stealing their stuff and it’s sad that that’s where we’re at nowadays,” Tpr. Adamczyk said.

In addition, he encourages anyone who has their own signs taken, to contact their local police department. He said one specific incident could be tied to others in the area, which means information from one complaint could lead to a suspect in future complaints.

Gantz said he plans to buy a security camera to keep a better eye on his property. While he’s frustrated with whoever is responsible, he said he’ll continue to show support for his preferred candidate.

“It’s America. If I want to vote for Biden, I can vote for Biden. If they wanna vote for trump, vote for trump. It shouldn’t matter it’s freedom of speech,” he said.

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