LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — At the state convention in downtown Lansing, the Michigan GOP finalized its nominations for the November election.

Hundreds of Republican voters and delegates were present at the Lansing Center.

The state nominating convention marks a new stage in an eventful campaign season.

It was a busy morning, which saw a challenge to replace the Macomb County Delegates, but the motion passed.

Later in the afternoon, the delegates were able to vote on gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon’s running mate, Shane Hernandez. Hernandez won the party’s support.

Republican voters are determined to flip some of the highest offices in the state, including the governor’s seat.

“It’s pretty intense, and it’s seeming like we’re going to have to continue to keep our stand and prayer for our nation, our country and especially for our Michigan,” GOP voter Angelica Johnson said. “And if Dixon is going to be the one is chosen to do the job, we’ll stand behind and make sure it’s done properly and in order.”