LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Tudor Dixon is trying to link Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to President Biden, blaming them both for creating a recession.

However, the governor’s budget director is saying we are not in a recession now, but the potential is there for one.

Gas prices are coming down, but $2 gas is but a fond memory.

Food costs remain high, and Tudor Dixon is now throwing around the word “recession,” saying that Whitmer’s pushing of Biden’s policies put Americans into one.

“Whitmer has cheered the Biden policy while he’s pushed us into a recession,” said Dixon.

However, the governor’s budget director disagrees, saying some signs point to a recession.

“So it makes it difficult for us to say with certainty that we’re in a recession or not,” said State Budget Director Chris Harkins.

Governor Whitmer notes she can’t solve this national problem.

But candidate Dixon won’t give up on linking the governor to the president, hoping his low popularity will rub off on her.

“Whitmer is riding with Biden while he drives our economy into the ground,” said Dixon.

One way to avoid that is to avoid appearances with the President and the guess is that Governor Whitmer will do just that.