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Dock Ellis Foundation to accept donations supporting family of slain 2-year-old

Photos shared by family members of 2-year-old Wynter Cole-Smith.

DETROIT, Mich. (WLNS) — Family members of Wynter Ava’Mae Cole-Smith, whose body was found in Detroit Wednesday, announced that it is collecting donations through the nonprofit Dock Ellis Foundation.

A public statement released Thursday on behalf of the Smith family announced that people looking to provide support through donations should do so through the Dock Ellis Foundation.

“We kindly ask that you redirect all donations intended for Wynter Cole-Smith’s honor to the esteemed Dock Ellis Foundation. This organization has been instrumental in supporting families in need, and we believe it is the perfect avenue to honor Wynter’s memory,” the statement reads.

The Dock Ellis Foundation is a nonprofit that helps provides support to minority communities and families impacted by missing and murdered person cases.

“Dock Ellis Foundation provides resources that minorities in most cases would not have an opportunity to utilize. We partner with SAR teams, national organizations and media outlets to provide a seamless process for families,” a statement from the foundation said.

The family’s statement also expressed gratitude toward everybody who showed support for Wynter as law enforcement worked to locate her.

“Your kindness has been a source of strength for our family, and we are forever grateful,” the statement says.

Candlelight vigils to mourn the memory of Wynter are planned in Detroit on Thursday and Friday.

You can visit the Dock Ellis Foundation’s website here.