LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The future of abortion access in Michigan took a new turn Wednesday after a state judge ruled that the 1931 ban is unconstitutional.

This decision adds to an ever-changing path for the state’s abortion ban. Yet doctors said they are finding some comfort in the ruling as states around the Midwest find themselves in similar battles over abortion access.

“This affirms that ability for me to continue to provide care in a way everyone deserves health care without political interference, without fears as a provider that I could be breaking the law,” said Dr. Sarah Wallett, Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood Michigan.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Dana Nessel back in April, claiming the 1931 abortion ban is unconstitutional.

That kicked off a back and forth of temporary bans and appeals, which included separating enforcement between the county and state levels.

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Dr. Timothy Johnson said he’s focused on caring for his high-risk pregnancy patients and found the confusing landscape frustrating.

“It’s unnerving. But you can’t just let it get at you. The important thing is taking care of your patients,” he said.

The Court of Claims judge said in Wednesday’s opinion: “The meaning of due process under the Michigan constitution is broad enough to include a woman’s right to an abortion.”

Attorney David Kallman has been representing Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka in several abortion ban cases. He said the judge’s order is overreaching a previous ruling by applying this order to county prosecutors.

“Our clients will not comply. It’s that simple because it’s not binding on them and I don’t really care what Judge Gleicher says in this opinion,” Kallman said.

Another lawyer said the ruling is “legislation from the bench” as the future of a proposed ballot initiative that would constitutionally protect abortion is heading to the Michigan Supreme Court.

“Judge Gleicher just took that right away from the people and decided for herself what the law should be,” said John Bursch, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Kallman said his team plans to appeal the Oakland County block this Friday.