Dog Found Frozen To Death Near Lansing


BATH TWP., MI (WLNS) – On Sunday afternoon a mother and her three children were walking along a path in Bath Twp. when they came across a disturbing find.

“My oldest daughter turned around and she started crying, and I was afraid to ask her what it was,” said Kristine Gilbert-Gigante, Lansing resident.

A dog, frozen to death, lying outside a crate filled with fecal matter.

Gilbert-Gigante’s family found the animal in the woods near the intersection of Stoll and Peacock Roads in Bath Township.

“I know my kids heard the word psychopath from me for the first time in their lives.”

Punishing animal abusers is not just political for state senator Steve Bieda.

“I always wanted to be a veterinarian,” said Michigan Senator Bieda, (d), Macomb County.

It’s also a personal agenda. That’s why he introduced legislation that will increase penalties for animal abusers. The legislation would create a tiered system for classifying abuse and bump up prison time for those who abuse pets to threaten their owners.

“I have a soft spot in my political life for the underdog, whether we’re dealing with people who are dealing with unemployment issues, people who are wrongfully convicted or animals who have been cruelly neglected or abused,” said Senator Bieda.

As for the dog who was left to die in the woods of Bath Township, Kristine Gilbert-Gigante wants justice.

Finding the animal left a mark on her and her children.

“Kids amaze me. My oldest said mom, ‘I know what I want to be when I grow up.’ And I said what’s that? And I’ve always known it was something with animals. And she said ‘I’m going to be an animal control officer.'”

It’s a job that will help dogs like the one she found in the woods.

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