Dog-gone good rescue with a bonus


Delta Township, Mich. (WLNS)- Rescuers coming to save a Jack Russell Terrier from a fox hole in Grand Woods Park found the dog was not alone.

Just before 9:00 p.m. Monday, 7-year-old Frances’ owner could hear her little dog crying from the bottom of a deep hole.

The cal for help went out and deputies, fire personal and neighbors came to dig the dog out of a hole she was stuck in.

A local plumbing company supplied a camera to look into the hole to see what challenges they faced in rescuing Frances.

That camera showed Frances was stuck “numerous feet” down in the hole and could not turn around to get out.

So they began to dig.

Suddenly, as they dug, the hole collapsed and Frances went silent. Everyone feared the worst.

Then the rescue took an even stranger turn.

After some more quick, careful digging one firefighter reached into the hole and managed to pull out, well, it wasn’t a dog.

That firefighter pulled out an opossum from the hole. The animal was quickly released into the wild.

Thankfully though, the firefighter also managed to grab Frances the dog from the hole and safely return her to her owner.

The rescue took around 3 hours.

Francis is resting today at home with her owner.

The Eaton County sheriff’s department would like to thank everyone who helped out in rescuing Francis, especially the firefighter who not only rescued the dog, but also the opossum from the fox hole.

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