Dog jumps from moving RV during SoCal pursuit


A mastiff mix is doing really well considering the circumstances.

She came in for emergency care in southern California last night, with significant lacerations and soft tissue injuries. 

“She let us clean her paw, place the bandage, really a sweet dog,” said veterinarian Dr. Hughes Sanders.

Like many, he saw what that dog had been through during a pursuit through the San Fernando valley.

She was perched on the edge of a RV as it raced down the street, eventually jumping out for safety.  
“It’s heartbreaking, anytime you see an animal anxious or in trouble, it’s heartbreaking,” added the veterinarian.
When the pursuit finally came to a crashing end in Tarzana, there was another dog with the driver, Julie Ann Rainbird, 52.

Animal control says they now have custody of both dogs and are checking microchips to see if they belong to Rainbird or someone else.  
Investigators are now trying to figure out if Rainbird bought the RV using a stolen identity.

Luz Sanchez says her purse was stolen several months ago.

In a video she posted on Facebook, she say she just recently found out someone had used her information and went on a shopping spree.   
“The person that stole my identity had bought a motorhome under my name,” said Sanchez.
She says police called her yesterday, to tell her about the chase. 
“It’s been a huge rollercoaster for me.”
It was a huge rollercoaster for the animals that got caught up in this, as well.

But vets think the dog will make a full recovery.

Video courtesy: RMG News

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