OWOSSO, Mich. (WLNS) – Olivia McPherson said it happened in a flash.

“I was making dinner for my kids. I had Zeus on the chain. King was outside with him. They were running. So he slipped his collar from the chain busted under the fence. Boom. They were gone,” McPherson said.

Her two huskies, Zeus and King, escaped from their yard and after McPherson had searched for hours, she couldn’t find them. That was until she got a call from a stranger.

“This wonderful man named James called me and found them. If it wasn’t for him, nobody would’ve found him,” she said.

McPherson said the man found the dogs at the bottom of a steep hill on West Riley Road near a river.

After talking with animal control, the man who found the dogs, and the property owner, she pieced together what had happened.

McPherson said her dogs had wandered onto someone’s property who owned a chicken coop. The two then managed to get close to a few of the chickens.

That’s when she said the landowner shot into the yard, hitting King in the abdomen.

“My dog’s screwed up. I just wish that maybe half a more second of thought, like, ‘Hey, these are dogs. Let me go out and yell at them or something,'” McPherson said.

Animal control told McPherson that her dogs then ran down the hill when her other dog, Zeus hit his head.

When she arrived, she said she saw King in the river bleeding next to Zeus, who had already passed away.

“King saved himself. By getting into that water. This dog does not like water. You get the hose out. He runs to the back corner and sits there. That dog realized his abdomen was getting hot and he laid in the water and that’s what saved him,” McPherson said.

She said King was in the river for almost six hours before he was found. She and her family decided to take King to Michigan State University’s Veterinary Medical Clinic.

“It was pretty obvious from the very beginning that he was in a lot of trouble,” Dr. Matthew Beal said.

Beal was one of the veterinarians that operated on King during the first three critical days.

And after three surgeries and 18 days later, King was finally released to his family.

For McPherson, who said she had spent thousands of dollars on treatment and was worried sick about King’s condition, she was elated to have him come home.

“I still cry every single day, good tears and sad tears, cause he’s in my living room right now,” McPherson said.

She said she is thankful for the MSU staff and that the cost to save him was worth it, but with two other dogs and kids, she has started a GoFundMe page to help with paying King’s medical bills.

“I couldn’t ask for better people in the world than people at MSU, because they loved him as much as I love him,” McPherson said.