Dogs help rescue elderly woman lost in freezing cold temperatures


BROOKLYN, Mich. (WLNS) — Pets add a lot to our lives, including being there for us in times of great need.

A pair of canines from Jackson County recently went above and beyond the normal duties of being a furry friend, and are winning praise for helping save a woman’s life.

Susan and Lonnie Chester have always known their dogs, Adam and Eva, are special.

“I do find these dogs to be exceptionally intelligent,” Susan said.

Early Saturday morning, the couple from the Brooklyn area were sleeping when the dogs woke them up, wanting to go outside.

“I opened the door. Eva squeezed out and Adam ran out,” Lonnie said.

In the driveway, the 4-year-old labradoodles took him to a shocking discovery.

“I go, ‘oh my god,’ and I looked at this lady,” Lonnie said.

He found an 89-year-old woman dressed only in her night gown lying in the ice and snow.

It was a freezing cold morning.

Lonnie quickly got her into the house and called 911.

They say the woman came from a neighbor’s house and fell in their driveway.

Her family had been searching for her for several hours and came to the Chesters’ house when they saw emergency vehicles.

“She was confused, very confused,” the couple said.

They say if it wasn’t for the senses of these super pups, the woman could have gone unnoticed for hours.

“Our dogs may have saved a life. I mean, they really possibly did save this woman’s life,” Susan said.

The Chesters are amazed by abilities of these dogs, who are brother and sister.

“Was it sound, was it smell, maybe it was a combination of both,” Susan said. “They just pick up on things so quickly. They pay attention to everything that’s going on.”

The woman was saved thanks to the heroic actions of these dogs.

But their owners know not everyone can be as lucky.

A similar situation just happened to Susan’s mother, so this hits close to home.

“We need reminders like this as a wakeup call. Like, wow, I really got to pay closer attention and really be mindful. Especially if you’re caring for elderly parents or relatives who aren’t completely present with all their faculties,” Susan said.

As they wait to get an update on how the woman is doing, the Chesters are reminded of all the things that pets do for us.

“They are really important in our lives. We’re proud of them,” Susan said.

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