Dutch braids are all the rage these days, what are the steps to create one?

Dutch braids are a great alternative if you already know how to French braid. It can be created on all different parts of the hair for a casual, carefree look. They’re also similar to French braids but you’re braiding under instead of over so the braid will be more visible – it’s essentially inside out. To begin, create three sections like a regular French braid. Take the first section and make sure it goes under the middle section rather than over. Grab outside pieces of hair alternating sides as you go. Just make sure to keep the hair tight – you can loosen it up at the end. Once you’ve finished braiding, take the sides and pinch them from the edges to get that loose undone effect and you’re done.   You can braid your entire head or small sections for a quick and stylish look no matter where your agenda takes you!

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