Driver speeds up to 114 mph in middle of snowstorm


(Courtesy: Iowa State Patrol)

IOWA (WHO13) – The Iowa State Patrol has been fighting a battle against extreme speeders in the state since the beginning of the pandemic, but it doesn’t seem there’s much that will slow some drivers down – not even a powerful winter storm.

According to a social media post from the Iowa State Patrol, a Trooper pulled over a driver on I-35 during Tuesday night’s snowstorm who was clocked at 114 miles per hour.

The post says the driver’s excuse was, “In a hurry trying to get back to college in Minnesota.”

The ISP pointed out that during the storm, first responders were busy helping motorists who became stranded or were involved in accidents because of the unsafe driving conditions, and “speeding like this is NOT being responsible.”

The name of the driver and what charges or citations he or she may face has not been released.

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