Dry weather may cause changes to Fourth of July plans


(WLNS) – The stretch of dry and hot weather has raised concerns for the upcoming holiday weekend, and may require changes to Independence day plans.

Fireworks, grilling and bonfires all come to mind when thinking of the Fourth of July, but this year, concerns with the on-going dry spell might put the flames out of the holiday.

“You could end up losing acres in a matter of moments because of the dryness we have now,” Asst. Fire Chief with Clinton Area Fire and Rescue Lou Evans said.

Multiple counties and Townships across Mid-Michigan have already declared a ban on burning, and looking ahead there is a high chance of banning personal fireworks as well.

“You could be as safe as you want to be, you could be 100% safe, but accidents happen,” Evans said.

Some campgrounds expect close to 1,000 campers who would have to change their plans for the weekend ahead.

“Cautiously optimistic about being able to let the people have campfires,” Sleepy Hollow State Park Supervisor Tim Machowicz said.

Despite the Unfortunate change of plans, many campers say its better to be safe than sorry.

“It’s absolutely understandable and you just roll with the punches,” Sleepy Hollow Camper Marcia Russell said.

In Delta Township, despite the current ban, the Fire Department still encourages families to head to professional shows where the Department can wet the ground days ahead, and heavily patrol the entire show to make sure the area is safe.

“From a safety standpoint we would prefer you go see professional fireworks, versus lighting them off yourself,” Delta Township Fire Chief John Clark said.

If consumer fireworks are still allowed this weekend, fire officials suggest keeping a bucket of water nearby, and staying smart and safe while lighting them off.

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