EAGLE TWP, Mich. (WLNS) – Board members in Eagle Township continued with a plan to take back some control over how their land is used, while at the same time voting to allow Clinton County to continue working with consultants on a proposed mega site.

The Michigan Innovation Campus was the elephant in the room of Thursday’s township meeting.

Nearly a dozen speakers from around the township pressed township board members to keep the site zoned for farmland as Michigan State University steps into the controversy.

Currently, board members are moving ahead with a new planning commission and deciding what types of candidates it’s looking for.

The commission would take more control over how land around the township is used.

Right now, Clinton County’s planning commission handles zoning for 11 townships, including Eagle.

Thursday, MSU submitted a letter to the Eagle Township board supporting the Michigan Innovation Campus project, which would sit on land owned by the university.

The letter says the farmland donated by alumnus David Morris would add thousands of jobs to the region and boost tax revenue, and add to a vibrant economy.

But many Eagle Residents are not buying it.

“I would say on Michigan State’s case and Clark Retirement Center, they are just being greedy at this point. This land is optioned for quadruple what it’s worth and they want to cash in,” one resident said.

The board also voted to allow Clinton County officials to restart work with consultants. They will see what changes are needed in the county’s master plan in order to build a mega site.

That vote was instantly met with resistance from the room.

“You formed that planning commission but you are going to subvert the whole process by pushing that zoning right now,” one man said.

6 News reached out to the Clinton County Commission chairman on the idea of a township creating its own planning commission. He said it has happened before and that the motion falls well within Eagle Township’s rights.

Township officials say applications for the commission will be posted on the township’s website.