Tickets and warnings handed out for East Lansing residents who haven’t shoveled sidewalks


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– The East Lansing Parking and Code Enforcement, also known as P.A.C.E., handed out tickets and warnings to residents who haven’t cleared the snow and ice off their sidewalks.

P.A.C.E. started handing out the tickets at 5 o’clock this evening.

Christopher Gload is from San Diego and has a daughter that goes to MSU and is out of the country for a semester, so he decided to come watch her house.

“I’ve talked to the college kids around here and I’ve noticed everybody’s sidewalks are shoveled, so I thought okay mine is not done, probably should do it because there’s probably some ordinance in the city,” said Gload.

Gload wasn’t the only one shoveling away before 5 p.m., many people in the neighborhood grabbed their shovels and got to work.

“I don’t want to get a ticket,” said Gload.

There were residents who did get a ticket and many others who got violation notices.

“The tickets come in bright pink slips and the city of East Lansing puts them on peoples doors so you can see pretty visibly who has citations every time and who doesn’t,” said East Lansing resident, Alaina Lie.

With many snowy sidewalks in the area, the phrase ‘a walk in the park’ doesn’t seem so fitting for East Lansing this past week.

“You get some houses that will shovel and then you hit a patch of students who don’t or a patch of houses that don’t shovel,” said Lie.

And some areas are better than others.

“Once you get away from residential areas towards campus and the campus rentals you’re taking the risk that you’re going to fall if you can even get through the snow,” said East Lansing resident, Laura Cook.’

For a community with a high level of pedestrians, having sidewalks clear is a must.

“It does become a public safety issue because every year we do respond to slip and falls and where people have fallen on the ice and injured themselves or slipped on the snow or they can’t get through a certain area because there’s so much snow piled up that maybe they have to walk around in the street walk around a yard or something like that,” said the Deputy Chief of Police for the East Lansing Police Department, Steve Gonzalez.

If you do get a ticket in East Lansing, the fine is likely to be around $90. The fines do vary from city to city.

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