EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Richard Taylor has been selling custom suits for almost a decade, letting clients pick out every single detail down to the button.

But he doesn’t stop there–he wants the public to know what a good suit represents.

Taylor has always had a passion for fashion. After publishing his book, “The Mindset of a Gentleman,” he started his business, Harrison Blake Apparel, selling custom suits and shoes. And now he has a new store in East Lansing.

“A lot of men these days have become very casual in their dress. So when they come and meet with someone like myself, a custom clothier, I’m able to kind of help them and guide them through the process,” said Taylor. “And it’s a more enjoyable experience than going to a department store.”

But it goes deeper than the clothing. Taylor reminds people that a good suit is a symbol for an overall elegant lifestyle. “The brand is more than just clothing, but it’s about presenting yourself well. Trying to be the best version you can be,” said Taylor.

And Taylor doesn’t stop there–he uses his podcast, “The Life of a Gentleman,” and his Instagram, @Wearlapelpins, along with other social media to spread awareness on suit etiquette. “One of the biggest things I try to do on social media is not just showcase clothing,” Taylor said. “I try to educate the consumer, because I feel that’s the most important thing.”

And it’s helped expand his business, bringing in new customers. Taylor is about to hit a big milestone of 100,000 followers on Instagram. “I can’t believe that the social media growth has taken off as it has, but I’m grateful,” Taylor said. “I’m happy and always trying to come up with different ideas, different ways that we can reach a new audience.”

Now Taylor is turning his passion toward helping other businesses, creating the Custom Clothier Academy to help grow brands.