EAST LANSING, Mich, (WLNS) – A parked car, with doors locked, no ventilation, and all on a hot summer day.

That’s a recipe for disaster for anyone in a car, and that includes animals.

On Friday, a passerby in a local parking lot observed that there was a dog in an unattended vehicle looking like it was in distress due to the warm temperatures.

After calling 911, East Lansing Police arrived at the scene and attempted to open the car doors.

After finding the doors were locked, the officer broke the driver’s side window to rescue the dog after confirming the dog was in distress.

The department took to social media saying they’ve recently responded to “several animal complaints,” reminding the public it’s a crime to leave an animal or child in a vehicle when it’s hot outside.

“Leaving an animal in a car that’s hot like that, you know, that can be considered animal neglect,” Capt. Chad Pride says.

It’s something the Capital Area Humane Society knows all too well.

“No matter how many times we say it, it seems like there are still people leaving pets in their cars on very, very hot days,” says Julia Wilson, President and CEO of CAHS.

Humane Society officials tell 6 News that during the summer months, it’s crucial for everyone to keep a lookout for any animals left in a car.

“What’s really important is that we have folks in the community keeping an eye out for our animals because we can’t be in every parking lot, Animal Control can’t be in every parking lot, the police can’t be in every parking lot,” Wilson said. “So it’s really important that our community protects animals that are in our community.”

According to police, if you ever see an animal you think needs help, it’s best not to take matters into your own hands. You should call the authorities instead.

“That would be my first suggestion is to call 911,” Pride said. “Have our officers come out there, take a look to see if the dog is in distress, or if we can try to get ahold of the owner.”

Pride also said if the vehicle is at a business, try to go inside and ask management to make an announcement to locate the owner.