East Lansing police urge safety this weekend


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thousands of people are heading to Minneapolis to watch MSU take on Texas Tech in their Final Four game and even more are planning to watch and cheer from right here in mid-Michigan. 

Police are telling people to celebrate safely and warning them they’ll pay a high price if they don’t.

The MSU Final Four game is just more than twenty-four hours away and police in East Lansing are cracking down to make sure everyone stays safe.

As MSU Police Captain Doug Monette says, bad behavior comes with bad consequences.

“There will be law enforcement out there and there always is repercussions for actions and those repercussions could be legal or as well as academically, depending what the situation comes up,” said Monette.

He warns anyone planning to burn furniture to know it is illegal, and anyone within 300 feet of an open fire that isn’t actively leaving faces a misdemeanor charge, which is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

That’s just if you’re in the area, if you do something more serious you could face a felony and Spartans could possibly get kicked out of school.

East Lansing Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez says it’s important to remember that when you’re out and about, nothing is private.

“There’s so many phones and cameras out there these days that regardless whether you’re in a crowd of a thousand, or three thousand, or even five thousand people, it’s likely someone is going to capture that on film,” said Gonzalez.

He wants people to know safety comes first.

“We take a very hard stance on that and if someone is caught or charged with starting a fire like that or feeding the fire even, they face significant criminal charges,” said Gonzalez.

Police say bad behavior will not be taken lightly. 

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