EAST LANSING, Mich- (WLNS) In 2017 voters approved a $94-million bond for five new East Lansing elementary schools to be re-built- and not even COVID-19 stopped that construction.

East Lansing Public Schools will soon begin opening its doors, with COVID rules of course. The plan which is reinstated throughout each month, hopes to have students back by the end of February.

Last week some teachers began getting vaccinated and this week majority of them will begin. School officials say this is a moment they have been preparing for and cannot be more excited.

“We are working hard to make sure protocols are met and everyone is safe. Plans for these new structures have been in place for years,” said Superintendent of E.L.P.S Dori Leyko

When students do officially return, they will be asked to wear masks and social distance. Recess will still be allowed for children but it will be by class, not in large groups, that goes for lunch as well.

“It may be different but the overall learning goal is the same. Students haven’t even met their teachers in person yet so we’re excited for that,” said Pinecrest Elementry Principal, Amy Webster.

Through this month until February students of all grades will receive information packets and surveys in the mail with the plans that include them specifically, and their options for return.

While some students may struggle with mask wearing, if they are over the age of 5, they will have to wear it while in school, and if not, they will eventually be assigned back to remote learning.

“We will work with students and families because we know this is a new process. If mask wearing isn’t working at school, they will be assigned to remote learning.” said Leyko.