LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Easter Bunny hopped on in to Sparrow Hospital to put a smile on the faces of a few special little ones.

It was a surprise that touched many families who weren’t able to leave the hospital for Easter Sunday.

Imagine preparing to take your newborn baby home from the hospital only to find out that they have to stay a few days, a few weeks or even a few months longer. That’s the case for several families at Sparrow in the NICU unit.

“Parents with babies in the hospital in general have to deal with a lot and especially around the holidays it gets particularly tough,” the Easter Bunny said.

Many of those families are unable to leave the hospital to spend quality time with their loved ones. So the Easter Bunny decided to bring the holiday cheer to them.

“I’m out here just seeing the kids. You know that’s what the best part of being the Easter Bunny is… is bringing joy to people,” the Easter Bunny said.

Families and Sparrow staff said it’s memories that they’ll cherish forever.

“I think it just puts a smile on our families faces and sometimes those are a little hard to come by in the NICU,” NICU Nurse Robin Trumble said.

Trumble has worked in Sparrow’s NICU for nine years. She said their team works to make the babies and their families feel at home.

“Try to give them a bit of that fun family occasion that they would be having if their babies were home with them. It’s nice to be able to provide something that they can be excited about,” Trumble said.

And as for the Easter Bunny, he said being a part of this means a lot to him and he hopes to do this every year.

“Oh, it’s fantastic. There’s nothing better than a baby’s smile especially for the Easter bunny,” the Easter Bunny said.