DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – By a margin of nearly 13%, Delta Township voters have approved the construction of a new public safety building.

Township officials and the Eaton County Sheriff have been pushing for a new building for the Delta Township Patrol Unit since November.

A similar proposal was shot down back in November, but this time 56% of voters approved the bond.

The proposal passed on Tuesday with 3,303 voting “yes” and 2,570 voting “no.”

That wasn’t the only proposal on the ballot.

Vermontville approved its fire department millage proposal with 126 “yes” votes and 72 “no.”

The town also approved a library proposal with a smaller margin of victory, with 105 voters supporting the proposal and 94 voting against it.

In Windsor Township, a library millage proposal passed with 1,007 people voting “yes” and 663 voting “no.”

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