EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) – A couple in Eaton Rapids made an unusual discovery in their backyard.

This couple wanted to spice up their yard with a fire pit, so they started to dig a hole and noticed a piece of concrete.

“We were freaking out, thinking is our house a mini Cemetery or something?” said Kali Taylor.

“I realized there was like this giant rock in my way after I started digging. And I could not, with my strength, get it out. So I started digging around it, and it was just not happening,” Taylor said.

When they finally got it out, Kali says they were in disbelief.

“We started to dust it off and we realized it was in fact a gravestone.”

The gravestone is for a baby named “Glennie Edick” born on October 3rd, 1892. According to the stone, he died just four months later on February 18th, 1893.

“It’s just that it’s scary, crazy, sad. A whole bunch of emotions kind of came through all at once,” Taylor said.

The couple has done some research and found out the parents of the four-month-old were buried about 20 minutes away at Maple Hall Cemetery.

There lies a monument honoring baby Edick, and his parents are buried right behind.

According to workers, there are no records of the baby in the cemetery.

“His remains are probably in my backyard?” Taylor said.

It’s still not certain exactly where the child’s remains are buried. Kali says she’s not going to dig any further out of respect for baby Glennie.

“I’m gonna stop digging. And just keep the stone here in my yard in the back. And just honor them that way. The baby and the family,” she said.

The Taylor’s did contact the local police department and were told at this point, there doesn’t appear to be anything suspicious about the discovery.

Meanwhile, the couple is looking for anyone who could be connected to baby Glennie.

If you think you may be a distant relative, or know someone who is, you can send a message to our Facebook page or email us at