The popular social media site Pinterest is used by millions of people to find or share ideas. based on how often people search for and pin certain things, Pinterest has come up with the top 10 parenting trends for 2018.

According to Pinterest, purchasing eco-friendly baby products leads the pack for parenting trends in 2018, with interest in these products growing by 750%.

Lynn Ross, President of Mother and Earth Baby Boutique in Old Town says that’s great news to hear.

“It feels amazing because it is certainly something I’ve believed in for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of parents come in and I see a light bulb go off. They realize there are other options and you don’t need to buy whatever is on the grocery store shelves.”

Also trending in the top ten are wooden toys and teething necklaces, plus, believe it or not, items made with yarn are hot. Searches for these products have soared by more than 400%.

Other top 10 parenting trends include an array of things like built-in forts, removable wall art, weighted blankets, and products to help prep meals for babies for the day or week.

Rounding out the top ten are modernizing nurseries and detailed baby trackers to memorialize special moments in your child’s life.