LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Qualified educators are in short supply, not just here in Michigan but across the nation. Today, the Michigan Department of Education held a job fair in hopes of matching school districts with quality teachers.

“Oh man, we are scouring the state trying to find how to certify qualified teachers,” Westood Heights Superintendent Leslie Key said.

Increasing the number of certified teachers is just one of the state’s education goals. There has been a shortage for years and there are many contributing factors.

“Teachers have to do a lot. Some teachers feel unappreciated. Teachers are not interested for pay reasons,” Key said.

Leslie Key is the superintendent of a District near Flint. He says his district struggles to get and keep good teachers. And now with more of them leaving the profession, he’s feeling the heat.

“The pressure is to try to keep our staff motivated, What can we do as administration to make it a place that you want to come,” Key said.

Rachel Gilbert is a recent college graduate. She came to the fair hoping to find the right school to begin her career, but she has her concerns.

“The excitement is the hope of being able to get hired quickly and then some of the negatives is just that wondering maybe why is this there a teacher shortage,” Gilbert said.

Rachel Rakos is also excited and she feels the shortage is actually beneficial for new teachers.

“Because there’s a shortage right now it’s kind of housing market analogy, teacher’s market right now to come in and find the place they wanna be and its a little bit more negotiable right now,” Rakos said.

Key says while districts may be desperate to hire new teachers making the best choice is important.

“Make sure that whatever teacher that comes into your district is a great fit for them and for your district,” Key said.