Elementary school water tests positive for Coliform bacteria


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Since March, students, staff and faculty at East Jackson Elementary school have been drinking clean and clear water…from an alternative water source.

That’s because bacteria known as Coliform, showed up positive on sampling results in March.

“They’ve turned the water off to all the drinking fountains, you cannot drink the water at the school,” said Don Hayduk, Director of the Environmental Health Division at the Jackson County Health Department.

When positive results of Coliform bacteria appeared in water testing samples, East Jackson Elementary school took action.

“The school has brought in an alternative safe drinking source,” Hayduk mentioned.

This bacteria can be found anywhere, and luckily…

“Coliform bacteria in and of itself generally is not harmful,” said Hayduk.

According to Environmental Health Director Don Hayduk, the only form of this bacteria that’s harmful is E. Coli and fortunately for East Jackson Elementary, they remain in the clear of that.

“Those have all come back negative,” Hayduk stated. “Ok, so no E. Coli?” 6 News Reporter Alysia Burgio asked.  “No E. Coli.”

Superintendent Pat Little of East Jackson Community Schools sent 6 news a statement today saying:

“The East Jackson Community Schools has followed the direction of the Jackson County Health Department at all times in the pursuit of a solution to the water issue. We have had the assistance of private contractors who are experts in this area and together we have tried to remedy this situation. It has taken longer to remedy than we would have projected. However, in that time we have provided safe water to all students and staff. Parent notification has been completed in a proactive manner. The good news is, our testing yesterday has no sign of the problem. We have performed tests today and hope for the same results. We appreciate the support and direction of the Jackson County Health Department in resolving this issue.”

“We continue to test, we continue the investigation to determine the source and in the meantime the alternative water source is provided by the school to the students and the staff,” Hayduk stated.

The health department has yet to determine where this bacteria began but 6 News will continue to follow this story and keep you updated as we learn more.

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