Elementary student dealing with bullying accusation


A local father says his son has been labeled a school bully for months, for something he didn’t do. And he says the problem has grown beyond hurtful comments from his classmates. 

The father, EdQuan Clark, first got a call in October from Averill New Tech Elementary School where his son is a student. The principal claimed his son E.J. was bullying another student.

“The first complaint that I got that was in issue was the one where he received a suspension at the time,” Clark says, “for cutting the hair of another student and ripping the pants, or cutting the pants of another student.”

That suspension was supposed to last three days.The mother of the student who made the claim posted pictures online, accusing E.J. of being a bully. But shortly after the first report, that student’s family sent E.J. and his parents two apology letters, claiming the boy cut his *own* hair and clothes before blaming E.J.
After receiving those apology letters, Clark says E.J. was allowed to come back to school right away. But even though Clark appreciated the apology, he’s upset with the school and says they should have done more to help clear things up.

“As a school, I felt like they should’ve sent out an apology or had something to do with everyone else in the school and all the parents, knowing that E.J. did not do that,” Clark said. He also believes that because the school didn’t inform the rest of the school, his son earned a reputation as a troublemaker
and has been suffering for months for something he didn’t do.

“Some of the parents [saw] the post and told their students not to play with him, that he’s a bully,” Clark said. They showed them the post of the kid’s hair and what he had did. So he’s going to school, you know, [and] everyone’s telling him what he did to the other student. And he’s like ‘No, I didn’t do that.'”

6 News reached out to the Lansing School District, and they offered no additional comment.

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